Ultimate Personal Trainer

Motivating consumers

Our challenge was to create a press campaign that allowed Nike to sell their product whilst also motivating their consumers to use that product. The solution was in a line that not only gave praise to the product but was also a call to action, telling the consumer that all you need to get fit is a great pair of trainers and the right attitude. Even though the final route didn’t run, the concept was loved by the team at Nike UK. The type piece was intentionally made from the same materials that go into making of the ultimate personal trainer, as well as attempting to mirror the aesthetic of the shoe itself in the green and blue gradient.

Nike tick threading

Nike Ultimate Personal Trainer Display Typography

Nike Logo Threading


All work was created whilst working at Happy Ending Agency, Role: Art Direction, Design & Photography. Creative Direction & Strategy: Ross Popejoy,  Creative Team: Daniel Linthwaite, Marianna Popejoy & Jose/Noem9.


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